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Training Future Service Dogs

Earlier this week, Christi and Amanda organized an event at Belmont University to help provide future service dogs with the much-needed exposure to a variety of people, places and adaptive equipment, all while providing the physical therapy students with a little pet therapy in the form of cuddles, kisses and puppy play time.

Christi and Amanda love sharing their passions for service animals and pet therapy with others, and this event was not only a huge hit with the students, but an excellent training session for the four puppies and their volunteer handlers.

Did you know that Amanda is the puppy development specialist at Dog Speak, and also volunteers with Retrieving Independence to help train future service dogs? Did you know that Christi is passionate about sharing her love for pet therapy with others? Are you interested in learning more about pet therapy and service dog training through some great local organizations?

Check out these links for more information about Christi and Amanda and their work with service dogs and therapy dogs.

Amanda’s involvement with training future service dogs:

Christi’s involvement with therapy dogs:

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