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“Brittany has played an integral role in my recovery from two recent knee surgeries. From my very first post-op visit she created a welcoming environment and truly made me feel like I was playing an active role in creating my recovery plan. She is an excellent listener and is committed to getting her patients back to their active lifestyle. You will not find a better PT in Nashville, so stop looking and book your appointment!"


Christi was my Physical Therapist several years ago, and when I needed PT after a major surgery I was determined to find where she had started her own practice. Once again Christi worked with me on an independent program that I could do at home with interval visits. She pushed me to work with clarity on how to do the exercises and genuine care to help me prevent future problems and get to full function.


I had my best Physical Therapy experience here. Brittany is with you the entire time. She is so knowledgeable and educates as she treats you. I've been to a variety of Physical Therapists over the years and NEVER has a PT stayed with me the entire time. I also saved so much money not having to have a referral, pay for x-rays, or pay for a follow-up with my referring doctor. I was able to have everything reimbursed through my HSA account and after doing the math I saved an average of $1,200 avoiding a standard PT clinic. I highly recommend Brittany I feel good as new!


“Brittany is the best physical therapist I have had, and unfortunately I’ve had a few. She is very knowledgeable, knows how to listen, and works with each of her patients to achieve their individual goals. After my last surgery I went back to Brittany and she helped me get back to doing what I love (running) faster than my surgeon had ever seen before. I will continue to go to Brittany for all of my physical therapy needs. I highly recommend you chose Brittany, especially if you’re a runner, and you want the best care possible!!!”


“Over the last few years, Brittany has helped me work through several injuries. I had back surgery several years ago and still feel the effects occasionally. Brittany takes time to understand and work through my issues. And she is always extremely positive in her approach! She is very invested in my healing.”


“I have dealt with many running injuries over the years and Brittany is my go to physical therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows her stuff! She is committed to helping her patients get past their injuries. I’ve also seen her for non-running related injuries and she is just as experienced and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone!”


When I was injured, you helped me persevere and mature to realize that the injury would not stop me. I think of you often when I am having back trouble and remember how to not focus on the negatives of that pain, but turn it into a positive by using the techniques you taught me to diminish the pain. As you probably knew, soccer was my identity and I went back to play another year after you helped me. It was hard, but I conquered my goal thanks to you. You were my angel during that time, and you are my hero now. I thank God for you and the healing you provided for me.

Thank you.


“Brittany helped me so much! I work very long hours and am always active at work, sometimes too active. I messed my knee up to the point that it really hurt to walk on it and any crouching motion was out of the picture. Brittany was able to not only get my left knee back to full strength, I feel like in that process, she helped me strengthen other muscles around my knee. Everything she did for me was very purposeful and every workout was specifically designed to target my knee. I was super impressed. I’d highly recommend going to see Brittany for all your physical therapy needs!”


I have seen Brittany many times over the past 7 years for running related injuries. She is very knowledgeable and always gets me back to running pain free as quickly as possible. I walked in 3 weeks prior to a race and could barely walk from a pinched nerve in my back. After seeing Brittany and doing exercises she designed for my injury, I completed the race pain free and injury free. If you are suffering from any pain or injury, I highly recommend Brittany!


Brittany is super knowledgeable and has successfully helped me through several running injuries. I’m grateful for her expertise and for giving me the right treatments & exercises to get me back up and running! I’d definitely recommend Nashville Physical Therapy!


Brittany really takes the time to diagnose the problem and creates a personalized plan for recovery. I am a runner and love working with Brittany because she understands how much a runner hates to miss a workout and is always trying to get me back to my workouts as quickly as possible! I highly recommend a visit to Brittany!


I have been seeing Brittany off and on since I started running. She has done a marvelous job of helping me through many injuries which has helped me continue running. Brittany cares about her patients and does everything she can for a positive outcome from an injury. I’m still doing some of the exercises she gave me to keep me moving! I would recommend Nashville Physical Therapy to anyone needing help treating an injury.


My neighbor, Brittany Endres Hendrickson, is an amazing Physical Therapist. I've seen her several times for physical therapy needs. She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients. Most recently, she treated me for vertigo! I had no idea that vertigo could be treated with physical therapy.


Brittany is by far the BEST physical therapist in Nashville, hands down. She's helped me repair many issues from my hips to my knees to my feet. She's truly great and cares for her patients more than any other therapist I've seen. Unfortunately for her, she's stuck with me for life!


I heard of Christi’s services through my wife, also a physical therapist, who recommended I meet with her. After two years of working out on my own I had stalled in the weight I was lifting and had sustained a couple of minor injuries along the way. Having a child with special needs who needs frequent lifting requires me to always be at my best and I wasn’t getting there on my own.

Christi performed a thorough evaluation that identified several areas of weakness that I hadn’t even considered addressing and taught me ways to adjust my current workout to minimize injury and build strength.

Christi’s approach is to first reduce the risk of injury, and then gain strength. After eight weeks of incorporating her changes into my workout, my core and lower back are stronger and more stable. I am able to lift my son more easily and without pain. I am lifting more at the gym than I was before the injury began.


I have seen several PTs in my life but Brittany is by far the best! She is so attentive and listens to her patients’ concerns. She’s tough but encouraging. She’s easy to talk to and doesn’t make you feel silly for having pain. She has literally treated me for issues head to toe and I trust her immensely. She’s my PT for life!


Brittany is an exceptional physical therapist. She helped me relieve lower back pain with a series of exercises, then was able to assist with diagnosing a hernia that affected the same location some years later. I highly recommend her.


I've seen Brittany off and on for 10 years. I've had multiple injuries from playing Rugby and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Brittany has healed every injury and gotten me back to each sport without missing a single competition/game/etc. She is more than capable and a great therapist. I highly recommend her!