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My Why: To help people live a life without limits of pain or worry of injury.  There is no better feeling than freeing someone of debilitating and/or chronic symptoms. 


My Personal Life: I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio with my parents and younger sister.  With Cleveland in my blood, I grew up and remain a loyal Browns and Indians fan (as painful as it may be sometimes).  I received my undergraduate degree in Pre-Physical Therapy from the University of Dayton, performed a physical therapy internship at the Cleveland Clinic, and completed my Doctor of Physical therapy degree at the University of Pittsburgh.  After graduating from Pitt, I headed south to Nashville!  I now reside in the Gulch with my fiance Pat and our 85 lb baby, a Golden Doodle named Brady.  We love spontaneity and travel, frequently taking weekend trips to visit friends and family all over the US, and also try to sneak in a beach vacation when we can!


My Professional Life: I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  I have been practicing for 6+ years, and for the last 3 years I was the clinic director and head physical therapist for a leading outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic in the Greater Nashville area.  As an outpatient orthopedic manual therapist, I treat patients of all ages, with a specialized interest in young athletes, skaters and dancers.   Since starting in the outpatient orthopedic realm, I found myself frequently frustrated by the industry's pressures to treat high patient volume, limiting the time and individual care necessary for each of my patients. Ultimately, I knew there had to be a better way to do it!  Joining the Nashville Physical Therapy & Performance team was my answer.  I am able to truly connect with my patients and spend the necessary time required to achieve optimal outcomes for all that I serve.


My favorite color: White. (Haha Is that weird? Wait, is white even a color?)  White is simple, fresh, and light - how I like to keep life. 


My Hobbies: Outside of my family, my friends, and physical therapy....figure skating is my love.  I have been involved in figure skating in some capacity since I was 4 years old . Early in my life I trained as a competitive skater, which transitioned into coaching during my college years.  I was then brought on as a coach locally with the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy at the Ford Ice Center.  I currently stay involved with the sport by skating as a member of the NHL's Nashville Predators Energy Team during their games at Bridgestone Arena. I also enjoy sand volleyball, yoga, pilates, running, dog park adventures with Brady, and taking advantage of the Nashville music and awesome restaurant scene.


My Favorite Quote: 


"There is freedom waiting for you, 

  On the breezes of the sky, 

  And you ask "What if I fall?"

  Oh but my darling, 

  What if you fly?" 

- Erin Hanson


My Belief on Physical Therapy: Physical therapy has a unique opportunity to use a holistic approach in order to identify injuries and the underlying causes of pain.  A physical therapist can help treat conditions without becoming reliant on medication.  A physical therapist can prevent re-injury and ultimately lead to a successful return to physical activities. It excites me everyday to have an opportunity to influence a patient's outcome, working to solve the problem in a systematic way that allows the patient to live without pain.  I feel extremely lucky and humbled to have the knowledge and skills that I gained over my career to provide this service for all of my patients!


My Passions: Skating. Christmas. Red wine. And Brady. Skating brings me joy, clarity, and freedom.  It is 'my thing' that I hope all of my patients can find for themselves.  My family nicknamed me the Christmas Elf because I love everything about Christmas and the holiday season. From the festive lights and decorations, to movies, candy canes and cheer, there is something about the holidays that brings true joy to my heart. More so, I cherish every minute I can spend with friends and family during those special days.  There's just something about a glass of red wine on the couch at home that helps warm my soul, but even better when Brady, my dog, is curled up on my lap with me. Above all, I try my best every day to be present, be kind, and smile.

B.S. Psychology 
Clemson University

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)
Belmont University


Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist

Cert. MDT

Certified Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of the Spine - McKenzie Institute

Associate Professor

School of Physical Therapy - Belmont University



NPT&P Owner

My Why: To Educate, Serve and Inspire others so that they can have Purposeful Endeavors


My Personal life: I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin where I played sports year-round and worked for our family business. After graduating from high school, I left Wisconsin to go to Clemson University. This is where I met my best friend who later became my husband, fell in love with sailing, and decided to become a Physical Therapist. From there I moved to Nashville, TN to pursue my doctorate in Physical Therapy from Belmont University. When my husband and I are not at work, you can find us at the lake with our yellow lab and golden retriever.


My Professional life: After several years of working as an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist here in Nashville, I felt a calling to do things differently and to dedicate more time to teaching and inspiring future physical therapists to develop the career of their dreams. This calling led me away from the corporate PT setting, and back to Belmont where I am now an associate professor in the school of physical therapy. At the same time, I also felt inspired to start my own practice – one that didn’t have a corporate feel to it and was focused more heavily on prevention of injuries and improved performance. I started Velocity Performance and Prevention in 2014 and am now beyond thrilled to have merged my practice with Brittany to become Nashville Physical Therapy & Performance!


My Favorite Color: Purple


My Hobbies: Boating, Sailing, paddle boarding, biking, golfing, rock climbing, traveling, Clemson football and just about any activity involving our dogs. (I know it’s a long list….)


My Favorite Quote: “Life isn’t about YOU. It’s about who you were placed
here to SERVE.” – author unknown.


My Belief on Physical Therapy: I believe that a physical therapist is the ideal healthcare provider to offer “full-circle care” to people who want to stay active. Full-circle care means offering services that are a continuum - From Prevention of injuries to Rehabilitation of an existing injury to Post-Rehabilitation programs. This continuity of care by a Physical Therapist affords you the ability to obtain your goals while minimizing the risk of re-injury and decreasing the likelihood of developing a chronic condition.


My Passions: My love for animals and my desire to have a positive impact on others, has led me to become very passionate about Therapy dogs and Service Dogs. A long-term goal of mine is to one day train a service dog for someone in need. In the meantime, my yellow lab, Layla, and I have undergone a significant amount of training to become a registered pet therapy team. Together we volunteer at Vanderbilt in various areas such as Pediatric Rehabilitation, the neuro ICU, and the oncology clinic at Children’s Hospital, where we help decrease stress and anxiety, assist in therapy sessions and simply spread joy to others. It’s one of my favorite things that I do, and one of the most impactful.


B.S. Exercise Science 
East Tennessee State University

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)
East Tennessee State University


(Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist)

Running Coach Certification

RRCA (Road Runners Club of America)


(Certified Dry Needling Therapist)



NPT&P Owner

My Why: I want everyone to live the healthy and active life that they want without restrictions because of aches and pains and limited strength or mobility.

My Personal Life: I was born in southern California and lived there through my childhood until my family relocated to northeast Tennessee. I went to college and PT school in East Tennessee then moved to Nashville. I live here with my husband, Jack, and our miniature schnauzer, Baxter. I have a 10 year old stepson who is one of the smartest kids around. I have loved seeing him grow and change over the years. My husband and I love to travel, both in the US and around the world. Most of our vacations center around adventure and aren’t necessarily what you’d call relaxing, but it’s our favorite way to do it.


My Professional Life: I started Nashville Physical Therapy & Performance after being frustrated with the standard model for PT I had spent 9+ years of my career in – high volume clinics with very limited time spent with each patient. It didn’t feel fair to the patient. I wanted to do things differently, spending quality time listening to and getting to know my patients and not having corporate or insurance dictating what I needed to do with my patients.


My Favorite Color: Favorite as in I have to pick just one?! I love red, but I also really like purple. Red has always been a color I love seeing, so bold and vibrant. It makes me feel alive when I see it. I also love purple though. It was my Mom’s favorite color and I always think of her when I see it.


My Hobbies: I have really gotten into woodworking lately. I remember helping my Dad with things like that growing up and I thought it was really neat. I guess that early exposure to it coupled with enjoying working with my hands made it the perfect hobby for me. So far, I’ve built a dining table, coffee table, barstools, and a side table. I’m always looking for the next project.


My Favorite Quote: “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”
- John Muir


My Belief on Physical Therapy: Physical therapy should be accessible to all as the first line of defense for aches and pains that come up and keep us from doing what we love. Physical therapists are the best equipped providers to handle these issues as well as work to prevent them in the future. Everyone should have a “go to” PT that they love working with and can call and see whenever they need something.


My Passions: I love living an active lifestyle. I am an avid runner, rock climber, hiker, cyclist, and love lifting weights too. I’ve been known to do Crossfit, yoga, and bootcamps on occasion as well. I really enjoy spending time in our National Park system and hope to get to all of them one day. I just went to my 25th park recently (Channel Islands in CA) so I’m well on my way!




My Why: I value physical and mental health and recognize the connection between the two. I am dedicated to helping people return to the activities that they love and that keep them healthy and happy!


My Personal Life: I am a Tennesseean at heart, although we moved several times, my two siblings and I spent the majority of our time in Knoxville and Memphis. Sports were a key element for all 3 of us. I played soccer for over 10 years and we were on swim teams in the summers. In high school I became a pole vaulter(best sport ever).  I now live in East Nashville with my coonhound Kingston and I have had a few roommates come and go. I run with the East Nasty crew on occasion, and I love getting out to the trails around town with the big dog whenever I can. 


My Professional Life: I received my Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from UT Knoxville in 2005 and my PT degree from the University of Evansville in 2014. Since graduation, I have worked exclusively as an outpatient PT in high volume clinics. I have learned so much in the last 5-6 years but I really look forward to doing PT the right way.  I am very excited to be a part of Nashville Physical Therapy & Performance and feel great about the support and mentorship I have already received. 


My Favorite Color: Easy answer is Tennessee Orange, but the real answer is blue. I’m not sure why, that’s just what its always been. No questions.


My Hobbies: When I’m not working or training, I like to travel, renovate my house, or get out in my yard or garden. My most recent trip was to a volcano outside Mexico City called Iztaccihuatl.  It is neighbored by the active Popocatepetl which erupted several times during our hike! Crazy stuff. Domestically, I have some serious house projects going which include everything from wiring and plumbing, to framing up new walls or tiling floors(I have been restoring my house for waay too long). In the spring and summer I always raise a vegetable garden, it’s pretty relaxing digging in the dirt. 


My Favorite Quote:  “Ninety percent of the game is half mental” - Yogi Berra


My Belief on Physical Therapy: I want to change the perception of what physical therapy is. Both of my parents went through ACL reconstruction and rehab when I was growing up and there were plenty of jokes about torture etc.  This perception persists. PTs are also still viewed as secondary to physicians and as glorified personal trainers, but we are so much more. We are the neuromusculoskeletal experts and we have deep knowledge of this system that no other healthcare provider can offer.  


My Passions:  Athletics - always and forever. Soccer was my first love, then pole vaulting. Since college, I have become a runner. I have done 5ks, 10ks, and a couple half marathons. I really enjoy trail running(only a 25k, nothing crazy yet) and hiking. Thanks to peer pressure, my next challenge is the Half IronMan in Memphis in October 2020. Shout out to Jason, Dave, and Tim!

Sandy Gibson Headshot 2018.jpg



My Why: I have always enjoyed a very active lifestyle and have been able to continue being active because of the physical therapy interventions I have learned and have applied to myself. I am passionate about being able to help others do the activities they enjoy doing most – no matter how simple or difficult they may be.


My Personal Life: My hometown is Kansas City, MO and my husband and I raised our three children there. I loved playing sports throughout my childhood, and then coached my daughters when they were involved in sports in their childhood. When our youngest daughter had graduated from high school in 2016, we decided to move to Franklin, TN to be able to do all of the things we enjoy doing outdoors in warmer temperatures such as hiking, biking, golf and camping. 


My Professional Life: I have over 30 years’ experience working as a Physical Therapist.  My initial focus of my career was in Outpatient Orthopedics. About 20 years ago, I was led to my specialty of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy. I was amazed by what I learned about my body, specifically how the pelvic floor muscles can be the cause of hip, back and pelvic pain. I then became passionate about using this information to help others get to the root of their problems to be able to get back the quality of life they deserve. Recently, I became discouraged that time constraints, and insurance restrictions were not allowing me to provide quality of care to my patients. I decided to join Nashville PT to be able to have the 1:1 time with patients to be able to fully listen and treat in a comfortable setting. 


My Favorite Color: Blue. It was team color for many of both mine and my children’s sports teams. I’ve also been told it is a good color for me to wear.


My Hobbies: My husband and I are playing a lot of golf now.  Since I played many years of softball, I had to retrain my body to learn the differences of swinging a golf club.  And of course, exploring all of the outdoor wonders of TN mountains.  I love the waterfalls! 


My Favorite Quote:  “We grow fearless when we do the things we fear.” - Robin Sharma


My Belief on Physical Therapy: I once read that “if exercise could be put into a pill it would be the most widely prescribed medication in the world”.  There is no disease or illness that can’t be prevented or helped with consistent exercise and Physical Therapy is the first line of defense to help people be able to stay active to prevent many other diseases. 


My Passions:  Spending time with my family being active in the great outdoors, helping others and spreading the word about how pelvic floor physical therapy may be the missing link to help people who are suffering with bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction.


PT, DPT, Titleist Performance Institute Medical 2 Certified

My Why: I want to help people golf better for longer with less pain. I also want to be an advocate for my patients and my profession because I believe physical therapy is the best medicine for musculoskeletal pain, as well as a preventative measure for future pain. No one should have to quit doing what they love because pain is preventing them from doing that activity.


My Personal Life: I was born and raised in a small town in Illinois, also known as the Pumpkin Capital of the World- 75% of the world’s canned pumpkin supply is grown and canned in Morton, IL. Yes, I could see pumpkin fields from my driveway, and yes we have a pumpkin festival every year that is as magical as it sounds (think pumpkin everything)! Growing up, I tried just about every sport available to me but tap dancing was the one activity I stuck with for 16 years. In high school, I decided to try out for the golf team and re-discovered my love for the sport. I played golf all 4 years of high school, but recurrent shoulder injuries prevented me from playing competitively in college. It was during that time I fell in love with PT as a profession. I stayed in central IL for undergrad at Bradley University, then moved to Nashville to attend PT school at Belmont University. During PT school, I brought home my sidekick, an Irish Doodle named Clark, and developed a passion for training dogs. In my free time you can find Clark and me traveling around the country, watching Netflix originals on the couch, or training a future service dog with Retrieving Independence.


My Professional Life: I knew from the start of PT school that I wanted to specialize in golf rehab, and I’m forever grateful to my professors at Belmont for helping me achieve my dream so early in my career. During my clinical rotations as a PT student, I quickly realized the corporate PT world was not for me. I never felt like I could give my 100% to any patient because I was usually required to see more than one patient in a given hour, and I constantly felt like my hands were tied by insurance companies.  I was fortunate enough to have a clinical rotation in a private practice that specialized in golf rehab, and I knew that was the setting I wanted to seek out for employment following graduation. I also have experience working with spinal cord injuries, orthopedic surgery rehab, chronic pain management, concussion management, balance disorders, geriatric wellness, and neurological dysfunctions. I became certified through Titleist Performance Institute in January 2020 and thrive on treating golfers of all ages and abilities. I am also certified in SFMA, dry needling, concussion management, and ELDOA. 


My Favorite Color: Champagne - the color and the drink. I also like teal & purple for a pop of color!


My Hobbies: Golfing, traveling, hiking with Clark, baking & cooking, going to concerts, creating things with my hands, training dogs. 


My Favorite Quote:  “Love big, pack light.” - Bob Goff


My Belief on Physical Therapy: Physical therapists are experts of how the body moves and have gone through extensive training and education in order to thoroughly examine and diagnose musculoskeletal dysfunction. We are not only versed in how to rehab an injury or surgery, but we also know how to look at how the body moves and help prevent pain and injuries from occurring in the first place. My hope is that one day the general public will value a wellness screen done by a physical therapist, a necessary measurement of how your body moves and adapts to different activities of daily life, the same way they value an annual physical done by their PCP.


My Passions:  Chick-fil-A, coffee, wine, whiskey, golf, and exploring the world to get a better understanding of how people from different states/countries/cultures live life. I am also passionate about dogs, particularly service dogs and therapy dogs, and the positive impacts they can have on someone’s life. 




My Why: To help people pursue and reach their health and wellness goals


My Personal Life: Born and raised middle Tennessean.  I come from an active family and grew up playing several sports.  I believe this inspired me to want to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and to help others do the same. I lived in Memphis for several years while in school, attending UTHSC for physical therapy. Then moved back to Middle TN afterwards to begin my career. When not working, I’m usually doing something outside: hiking/running the trails and greenways around Nashville, working around my house, walking with my black lab, and planning my next trip!


My Professional Life: I have worked in the outpatient orthopedic setting for 10+ years, treating various musculoskeletal injuries.  Being a runner and triathlete, I love helping other athletes dealing with injuries be able to continue training and return to their sport.  I also have a strong passion for treating people dealing with headaches and vestibular dysfunctions. Being a certified orthopedic manual therapist (COMT) allows me to better evaluate, find the cause of the person’s pain, and treat it to get them back to the activities they enjoy. 


My Favorite Color: Blue.  I’ve always loved it.  Plus I did my undergrad at University of Memphis, so I bleed blue.  Go Tigers Go!!


My Hobbies: I love traveling, being outdoors, and training for the next race.  I’ve combined my love of running with travel, setting a goal to run a half marathon in all 50 states.  I’m currently on state number 29. 


My Favorite Quote: I have too many… But here is a good one that will make you stop and think. “We do not stop exercising because we grow old — we grow old because we stop exercising.” ~ Dr. Kenneth Cooper 


My Belief on Physical Therapy: Physical therapists play a valuable role in healthcare being primary providers for musculoskeletal issues. The advanced training we receive allows us to educate, treat, and provide guidance to people wanting to live life without limitations from pain, weakness, or loss of mobility.


My Passions:  Being and staying active, and motivating others to pursue their health and fitness goals.  I love traveling to visit new places, being outside hiking, cycling, swimming, and of course running!