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Physical therapy at Nashville Physical Therapy & Performance is not your typical physical therapy.  We use the combination of manual therapy (hands on therapy) and specific exercise to address your impairments and return full function to you with daily activities, hobbies, and sports.  The combination of these provides the best opportunity for recovery over traditional, exercise only physical therapy.

Manual Therapy


Manual therapy is the use of “hands on” treatment such as joint mobilization or manipulation to improve joint movement, soft tissue techniques to improve tissue extensibility and mobility, and manual resistance applied during various movements to improve the way a muscle works or the timing of the contraction of the muscle.

Tailored Exercise Program

Many physical therapy clinics give their patients a preprinted sheet of exercises from a desk drawer.  This is not the case at Nashville Physical Therapy & Performance.  You will get a custom plan, made just for you, that highlights your needs.  This custom plan will help you achieve your goals and resume your top level of performance.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger point dry needling is a great way to help break up those tight knots, or trigger points, in your muscles.  It involves the insertion of a thin filiform needle directly into the trigger point to release it and can provide very quick results.  Trigger point dry needling is not acupuncture.

Annual Musculoskeletal Wellness Exam

You go to your dentist twice a year for a cleaning and check up.   You have an annual eye exam.  You have an annual physical with your MD.  Why wouldn’t you have a musculoskeletal expert perform an annual wellness exam on your musculoskeletal system?  Your wellness exam will look at each region on the body and help identify any problems (strength, flexibility, movement patterns, etc) that could lead to injury down the road.  You will have a plan developed for you to address these deficits that you can work on independently.

Performance Program

Are you back to participating but not quite performing where you were before?  Have you been told by other providers that you are “all better” or just to wait it out and you’ll get better?  We want to bridge that gap between being told “you’re better” and you feeling like you are better.  With an extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and the demands various activities and sports place on the body, Nashville Physical Therapy & Performance is the perfect provider to help get you back to your top level of performance.  We will discuss your specific training plans, goals, and previous level of function in your activity or sport and develop a plan to get back to performing at your highest level.

Patient Education

With many medical providers, patients don’t get enough time to get their questions answered and understand what is going on.  At Nashville Physical Therapy & Performance, we believe our patients should be fully educated on what is going on with them and what we are going to do and help.  We want you to know why we do what we do!  All your appointments will be completely one on one so you have the full attention of the PT and have the time to understand your treatments and plan.