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Concierge Services

Too busy to get away from the office?  Kids at home you can’t leave?  Recently had a procedure and can’t drive?  Visiting Nashville on tour or for vacation?  Maybe you want your PT to see you in a specific setting to really tailor your treatment (think home office setup, gym, studio)  No problem!  We’ve got you covered.


Ashlee Butler, our concierge physical therapist, will come to you for completely one-on-one customized care that centers around your schedule and location. She’s available between visits for questions as well.


Concierge physical therapy and wellness visits are not able to be booked online.  To schedule a concierge visit, please call or text 615-428-9213 or email


Additional fee applies for travel and varies with location. Those fees will be discussed when setting up the first visit.  Some gyms, studios, fitness facilities may not allow outside people in with you. Please get written clearance before scheduling if you’d like Ashlee to treat you onsite at a gym, studio, fitness facility.

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