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Online consultations, physical therapy evaluations/visits from the comfort of your own home.

Many people think of physical therapy as something that has to be done in person but there is so much we can do via video chat with our patients.  We can educate patients on what they can or shouldn't do, discuss the symptoms they are experiencing and what they mean, and can direct exercises and self manual therapy (hands on) techniques.  This can all be done from the comfort and privacy of your home.


We will offer both consultations and physical therapy evaluations/visits for our patients and any potential new patients who find us or are referred to us as well. 

A consultation will be a short appointment to determine what you need to do. We know people have aches and pains right now and don't necessarily want to go to the doctor's office and expose themselves to illnesses to find out what's going on or what they should do about it. A consultation will be comparable to what most people pay for specialist co-pay at the doctor's office. This appointment will have a very brief medical history and discussion about what's going on, direction from the physical therapist which may include exercise and education about what to do/not to do, activity modification, or a recommendation of further treatment or evaluation.

A physical therapy evaluation/visit will be very similar to what you would get in the clinic, without any hands on treatment from the PT. You will likely be taught some self manual therapy techniques, be given an exercise program, and educated about activity modification and have your questions answered. We would use these visits the same as a normal plan of care with check in visits as needed and agreed upon by you and your physical therapist. 

Find out why we love Telehealth and how it can work for you!

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