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Concierge Physical Therapy

What is concierge physical therapy? At Nashville Physical Therapy, we've recently added this as a new service. It's our same great care we've always had but now brought directly to you!

Concierge medicine has a few descriptions. It can refer to having a provider or group that you pay a membership or subscription fee to in order to see the providers. It can also be a package of visits for various conditions from a provider. The main description when it comes to physical therapy is medical care that comes to you in order to make it more convenient for you.

Nashville Physical Therapy now offers concierge physical therapy where we come to you. Maybe you can't leave home because of obligations or a recent procedure. Maybe you have a home gym but no idea what to do with it. We will come to you!

Maybe you're too busy to leave the office but need to get your PT in. We will come to you! We want to make getting your physical therapy and wellness services in as easy as possible.

Visiting town for vacation or stopping through on tour and need a physical therapy session? We can come to you!

Concierge physical therapy tends to have a smaller patient base so getting appointment fast is easy. One of the other benefits of concierge physical therapy is easy access to your therapist should a question or issue arrive. You'll be able to communicate with your PT between visits if you need to speak with them.

Our concierge physical therapy visits are completely one-on-one from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. You will receive a superior level of care compared to your traditional outpatient physical therapy clinics.

Your therapist will bring what they need with them, unless you have a fitness room/facility in your home or office you'd like to use. We can perform a session onsite at your preferred gym or fitness facility as well as long as it is approved by the facility. We will require this in writing before scheduling your session at one of these facilities as they don't always allow non employees to provide services on site.

Ashlee Butler provides concierge physical therapy and wellness for Nashville Physical Therapy.

Ashlee comes to us with over 20 years of experience as a PT. She is originally from Georgia but she's been in Nashville so long, we'll let her pass a local.

She holds several post graduate certifications including COMT (Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist), CDNT (Certified Dry Needling Therapist), CST (Certified Strength Trainer) and CCI (Credentialed Clinical Instructor). She also holds several non-PT certifications in the fitness world.

If you are interested in scheduling a concierge physical therapist with our very own Ashlee Butler, please email make your appointment.

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