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Do you have a primary care physical therapist?

Having a go to PT and annual wellness exams by your PT can save you time, money, and help keep you active and doing the things you love without pain.

If you've never had a PT perform an "annual physical" for your musculoskeletal system (that's a fancy way of saying your muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, etc), you're overdue!

If you're starting a new activity or exercise regimen, having a wellness exam is a great way to help you prevent overuse injuries from new movements or repetitive movements.

Anytime we start a new activity, the risk for an overuse injury goes up. You can read more about overuse injuries here. This risk is compounded with poor mobility, abnormal movement patterns, weakness in the smaller supporting muscles or muscle imbalances surrounding a joint.

A wellness exam, in our case what we call a Total Body Wellness Assessment, would look for all of these things (weakness, tightness, etc) and then create a customized home exercise program for you to address those deficits, reducing your risk of injury. We'd also educate you on movements to focus on, early signs of overuse injuries to look for with your activity, and create a plan if further treatment is needed.

Getting PT first when you have aches, pains and injuries will save you money, time, and help keep you doing the things you love.

Getting established with a PT and having a "go to" who knows you and who you can see when somethings comes up is a must for every active person out there!

If you don't have a "go to" PT or you need a wellness exam, contact us today. We'd love to be your go to! call/text 615-428-9213 or schedule online at PtEverywhere

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