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Is it safe to come into the clinic right now?

Here’s what an in person visit will look like at Nashville Physical Therapy & Performance:

We will continue to screen all patients and providers for possible symptoms or exposure and will not see anyone who has any symptoms or exposure and our PT’s will not see patients if they have symptoms or have been exposed.

We will continue to aggressively clean/sanitize every surface patients can come into contact with between visits.

We will wear masks with every patient and ask you to do the same if you have one and feel comfortable doing so.

We will wash our hands and ask you to do the same before touching any exercise equipment. Hand sanitizer may be substituted if hand washing is unavailable for any reason but hand washing is the preferred method per the CDC and WHO.

We always have and will continue to provide only one-on-one care and ask that you do not bring anyone to your appointment unless absolutely necessary (ie: a parent accompanying a minor).

If you have any questions about anything that isn’t discussed here, please reach out. You can call/text 615-428-9213 or email

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