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Motion changes emotion!

A little inspiration today from Gina Stefanov, our PT in our South Nashville office. Gina went for a mid day (socially distant) run around The Gulch in Nashville yesterday and she wanted to share what that did for her as well as a few of her favorite exercises she does before or after a run to make sure she stays strong!

"Motion changes emotion! Feeling so refreshed and stress free after getting a run in today. Feels just as good knowing I’m moving in a way that helps prevent injury. It takes stress off the knees to strengthen the glutes! Adding in this 5-10 minute routine before or after running is a game changer for me!"

First up we have side steps with a band. This helps strengthen the outside of your hip muscles which helps with strength and stability of the knees.

Next, there are monster walks which also strengthen the outside of the hips but in combination with the hip flexors (front of hip) and hip extensors (back of hip or butt) muscles.

Last, we have the fire hydrant exercise which really targets the outside of the hip too, in a different position from the other exercises and also incorporates some core control too.

Try them out and let us know what you think!

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