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Patient of the Month January '22

Nashville Physical Therapy & Performance Patient of the Month Award goes to Sarah Goff!

What our therapists have to say about Sarah:

Sarah has been an absolute delight to work with. She is so dedicated to improving her health and minimizing her risk of reinjury. What is the key to her success? The fact that she has been SUPER compliant with her program! That compliance and dedication has made all the difference for her!

I first met with Sarah at a PT Focus meeting at Burn, which provides members an opportunity to meet with a physical therapist to discuss any questions or concerns they might be having. There was a clear reason why Sarah wasn’t confident in her knee….she was lacking sufficient strength, stability and control on that side. Yes, she was in a perfect situation for reinjury, and she could sense it.

Given all that Sarah has been through with surgeries, previous PT, etc., she was very eager to learn anything and everything about her form and mechanics during exercise. She embraced every exercise and goal and worked hard to accomplish them and continue to improve. Once Sarah gained enough strength and stability, we worked through several sessions of body mechanics training. She is now very aware of her body and knows exactly what positions place her at greater risk of injury.

I’ve seen Sarah at Burn when I’ve been there working out myself, and she is a rock star! I am so proud to see how far she has come in such a short time! In fact, she is not only no longer fearful of reinjury, but also pushing herself more and more and plans to compete in the Burn games in the near future! Way to go, Sarah!

What brought you to see us?

I came to see Christi at a Burn Boot Camp PT focus meeting. After my last surgery, I was told PT was optional; however, right away Christi wanted to have thorough evaluation because weaknesses were seen right away.

What is your story?

“I have had 3 knee surgeries (ACL x 2 and Meniscus x 2) on the same knee and have been to A LOT of PT appts. After this last surgery, I was really discouraged; however, after only 2 visits with Nashville PT, I actually have seen improvement and have HOPE that I am not going to re-injure it again. Christi is amazing and gives you the WHY for why different movements are important and why they are needed. Another reason why NPT stands apart is that they put trust in you to do the work. One thing that Christi said that stood out to me was that she doesn’t need to be a rep counter, if we can do the exercises at home with confidence in form then we don’t need additional visits. This stood out to me because in my previous experience and one of my hesitations in doing PT again was the multiple visits per week, and being a working mom, that is a huge time commitment. We put in the work at BURN and so why not put in the work to make sure our bodies are moving the right way to meet our goals?”

Since Burn is one of our community partners, tell us what you love about Burn & why you would recommend it to others?

“I started at Burn because I not only wanted change, but I also needed it. I needed to get healthy, not only for myself, but also for my family. After my first week at Burn, I knew this was the change I was looking for.

My journey hasn’t been all roses and rainbows. I started Burn in February, and in April I had to have a 3rd surgery on my knee. With the amazing resources at Burn, I was able to utilize modifications and the PT Focus meetings with a fellow Burn Member, Christi Williams. Christi is one of the best Physical Therapists I have worked with. She helped me gain so much confidence and strength! I now realize how important form is for the ENTIRE workout and when I’m unable to keep that form, I modify down, which is OK!

My transformation has also spread to my family. My girls love coming to the gym! Even though they probably color more than they watch, they know that’s where we get stronger. I am so grateful for all the trainers and community that push me every day to continue to be stronger.”

We can’t say enough about our community partner, Burn Boot Camp in Nolensville! We absolutely LOVE the trainers and staff, and they are always looking out for the members’ best interest. They pick up on abnormal movement patterns and early complaints of discomfort and encourage members to modify accordingly and to talk with us at Nashville Physical Therapy to get advice on how to resolve the issue BEFORE it becomes a major problem. This is an example of a gym that is more than a gym – it’s a community and everyone is out to support one another. If you are looking for a great community and a way to get healthy and fit, and you're in the Nolensville area, consider visiting Burn Boot Camp!



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