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We're always 1-on-1-on-1-on-1!

Do you need to see a physical therapist but you’re still uneasy about being in a crowded clinic with multiple physical therapists and assistants and a line of tables full of other patients?

We get it. At Nashville PT, that’s not the setting you’ll see. We are always 1-on-1-on-1-on-1! Here’s what you’ll get when you come see us…

ONE VIP (Very Important Patient… YOU!)

ONE highly qualified physical therapist

ONE private treatment room

ONE hour of focused attention on YOU and YOUR GOALS

We are not your standard physical therapy you’ll find around town. You’ll never be just a number. You’ll always be our primary focus when you’re in front of us. After all, isn’t that what you want and deserve when it comes to your health?

ONE VIP (Very Important Patient… YOU!)

At Nashville PT, YOU will always be our primary focus. It’s our goal to make sure you never feel like a number or just another patient that day in our clinic.

When you come see us, we won’t see any other patients at the same time. Ever.

Your appointment is just for you and you only! How does that sound?

It’s a whole other level of care you probably haven’t seen before. It’s certainly not the norm in most PT clinics.

If you’ve been to PT before and you were disappointed by the lack of one on one time with your PT, we get it. We don’t like it either, and we won’t compromise that.

ONE highly qualified physical therapist

At Nashville PT, all of our PT’s have pursued extra training beyond their already extensive education.

Not only have they completed their undergraduate and graduate degree, Doctor of Physical Therapy, all of our PT’s have gone a step further.

Not every PT out there has extra education beyond their doctorate. Our PT’s are committed to learning more so they can provide you with the very best care.

Our PT’s extra education include manual therapy certifications (COMT), McKenzie (Cert. MDT), certified dry needling therapist (CDNT), movement assessment (SFMA), pelvic floor certification (PRPC), and certified running coach (RRCA) as well as numerous continuing education courses in pain science and treating specific populations (runners, climbers, musicians, etc).

ONE private treatment room

Do full waiting rooms make you uneasy right now? Do you want to avoid being in a PT gym with a row of tables full of patients and therapists, assistants, and techs coming and going?

We get it. That doesn’t sound like a relaxing environment to get your care. That’s why we do things differently.

With us you’ll always be in a room with just your and your PT for your evaluation. We only have 1 treatment table per room and only 1 PT and 1 patient at a time. Always.

No crowded waiting rooms. No crowded treatment rooms. No crowded gyms. Ever.

When you schedule an appointment that’s an hour long, don’t you expect to get your full hour with your PT? We think that’s the way it should be.

ONE hour of focused attention on YOU and YOUR GOALS

Unfortunately, in a lot of PT offices, that just isn’t the case. You might be there for an hour but only get 15 minutes with your PT before they move on to the next patient. They might leave you with a tech or assistant, but often times, you’re just left there on the table to do your exercises on your own or riding a bike or sitting on a hot pack.

Your appointment time should be for you, not spent watching your PT treat other patients. At Nashville PT, that’s just the way we do things. When you come see us, your full hour appointment is just for you. Your therapist won’t see any other patients while you’re there.

Our goal is to make sure you feel heard, have you questions answered, and have a clear understanding of how we’re going to get you from point A (pain or dysfunction) to point B (your goals). It’s our goal for you to achieve your goals! And we get really excited when you do!

If you’re looking for a physical therapy practice who focuses on you as a person instead of you as a number, come see us. We’d love to help you stay active and pain free! Visit our website to learn more or to schedule. You can also reach out via phone, text, (615-428-9213) or email (

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