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Another Virtual Success Story!

We’d like to share a recent success story from one of our patients who just completed a round of physical therapy and did all his sessions “virtually”.

James tore his hamstring muscle about 6 weeks ago. His orthopedic doctor recommended he attend physical therapy sessions 3x/week for 4 weeks (12 visits). Given the Covid-19 situation, James chose to complete his PT with us virtually.

And the outcome? Well, James successfully completed his care in just 4 visits of virtual PT! Talk about saving time AND money!

Here’s the story:

When he first started, James was not able to walk without limping, he wasn’t able to take his daily walks with his wife and his dog, and honestly he wasn’t even able to sit in a chair comfortably. During his virtual initial evaluation, we were able to take objective measurements of his mobility losses and given these findings, we started him out on a rehabilitation plan that he could do in the comfort of his own home. We even taught him self-manual therapy techniques!

By doing virtual PT, we were able to see his home set-up and see exactly what he was having trouble doing. He was able to watch us demonstrate all the exercises and we were able to watch him perform all the exercises to ensure he did them with proper form. As far as exercise progressions were concerned, James was able to order the exact same resistance bands we use in the clinic through our online shop. This allowed us to track his progress and we knew EXACTLY what his strength gains were!

After only 4 visits of virtual PT (not 12), James has met his goals and is able to return to his daily walks with his wife and dog! James is just one example of a recent success story with virtual physical therapy at Nashville Physical Therapy & Performance. And the best part about it, was that he never had to leave the comfort of his home because we were able to “virtually” be right there with him! He also saved a lot of time by not having to drive to/from a clinic location and he saved a ton of money by spending quality one-on-one time during each session, so he could achieve his goals in only 4 sessions rather than 12 sessions!

Interested in trying out a virtual visit with us?

Call/text us at: 615-428-9213


(Brittany, Christi, Gina and Max)

Note: All patient stories that are shared are done so only after receiving permission by our patients. Are you interested in sharing YOUR story? Please message us!

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