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What can a virtual PT visit do for you?

It’s hard to imagine having a PHYSICAL therapy appointment via videoconference but the truth is, they’re pretty amazing. Our patients who have done it so far have been very happy with it and so have we. The best part? You get to do it from home!

Virtual visits allow your PT to develop an exercise program using exactly what you have around the house. This would include PT exercise programs to address an injury or pain and preventative or wellness programs to keep you flexible, strong, and prevent injuries. We can even build a home workout routine if you’re just looking for some guidance on what you can do while practicing social distancing.

If you’re having acute pain, let’s say you wake up and bend over to get something and your back “goes out” – what do you do? Schedule a virtual session with us (we have same day appointments) and get help right away. We know people don’t want to go out of the house right now and going into a busy medical facility can be especially concerning at the moment so let us help you from home. Most acute pains like we just described would do great with a virtual visits and home exercises.

Are you having trouble sleeping because something hurts and you can’t get comfortable? That’s a complaint we hear a lot. Now we can look at your bed, your pillow, you lying in your bed, and then tweak things to make sure you can get a good night’s sleep, pain free!

Is your home office set up a pain in the neck? Or the back? Let’s look at it and come up with ways to make it more ergonomic and get some exercises to help you be able to get through your work from home day without hurting!

Contact us for more info about virtual visits by emailing or call/text 615-428-9213.

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