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Virtual visits (telehealth) are here to stay!

Virtual visits (telehealth) are here to stay at Nashville PT. While they came in useful during extreme social distancing, we also saw the value of having this as an option once things begin to return to “normal.”

Virtual visits offer you convenience (you can do them from anywhere you have a phone or computer and an internet connection), efficiency (no driving, no traffic, no parking, no waiting rooms), and privacy (you don’t even have to leave home if you don’t want to).

We value all of those things when it comes to getting the best care you can and we know you do too. That’s why we still offer virtual visits and plan to indefinitely.

Our virtual visits can also be combined with traditional in person visits. Maybe you need more hands on in the beginning if your symptoms are really flared up but as they settle down, you just need more exercise progressions and education. That is the perfect opportunity to transition to a virtual visit and save you time of having to travel to/from a visit. Maybe we need to see what equipment you're working with at home or your office set up - we can do a virtual visit and see everything we need to! See the benefit here?

If you’ve been dealing with pain or injury and getting away from your home or office is a roadblock to seeing someone in person, set up a virtual visit with us.

Call/text 615-428-9213 for more info or visit to schedule today.

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