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Physical therapy is considered an essential service

The mayor of Nashville has ordered a two week "shelter in place" or "safer at home" order to close non-essential businesses. Medical practices, including physical therapy, are considered and can remain open. As of right now, that is what we plan to do, though we do encourage our patients to take advantage of our telehealth visits so they do not have to get out and about in the community.

In response to the Mayor's “shelter in place" order going in to effect at midnight we wanted to make you aware of the following: As we provide medical services for our patients, we are considered an essential service and we will remain to accommodate our patients who want or need an in person session We offer and encourage current and new patients to take advantage of our telehealth visits so they do not have to leave their homes We will continue to take extra precautions to ensure all surfaces patients come into contact with are cleaned regularly Our staff will continue to regularly wash their hands We will continue to ask every patient screening questions to ensure they are safe to come into the office We will continue to provide only one-on-one services, limiting our patients' exposure to groups of people What we ask of our patients at this time: If you are feeling ill, experiencing a fever, or have traveled outside the country in the last 2 weeks, please notify our office and change your appointment to a telehealth visit or reschedule Please do not bring anyone else with you to your appointment Please notify us if you'd like to change your appointment to a telehealth visit, we will not change it automatically Remember that pain and dysfunction don't take a break just because there's a pandemic.  Take care of yourself during this time so you can continue to stay active without limitations, and save yourself valuable time and money down the road by putting things off to be addressed later.

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