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What is a running gait analysis and why do you need it?

A running analysis is an in-depth evaluation that looks for the root cause of your pain complaint or chronic symptoms you experience when running. It is a necessary exam for the runner who is stuck in the viscous cycle of obtaining temporary relief of their symptoms, only to return to running and have everything come right back again.

A running analysis at Nashville Physical Therapy & Performance includes a detailed clinical assessment of your strength, joint mobility, flexibility, and functional movement testing. We perform objective strength testing of key muscles using a tool called a hand-held dynamometer. This tool provides us with a measurement of your strength in pounds and once calculated to a percentage of your body weight, we can see where you stand compared to normative values that have been established for others in your age category. How cool is that?

In addition to a detailed clinical examination, you will be filmed with a high-speed camera while running on the treadmill. Once we have your films, we will examine your body position and the position of your joints at various phases of the running gait cycle.

The detailed clinical exam, objective strength assessment, and the running analysis will give us all the necessary information to determine what is causing your chronic symptoms. Once we know this, we can develop an effective treatment plan to help you return to running pain-free!

If you've been training with an injury, have a history of repetitive injuries, or want to try to prevent running injuries while training, set up your running gait analysis today by calling 615-428-9213 or emailing

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