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What are our patients saying about virtual PT visits?

We know, we know. You're still not sure about this whole telehealth thing. It seems strange that a PHYSICAL therapist can help you via videoconference, but it's true.

So much of what we do as PT's is listening to our patients and educating them. Why are you hurting? What can you still do? Is there anything you need to avoid right now? Are there position changes that can be made at your desk, in the car, or in bed? That can all be done with a virtual visit.

We can show you exercises. We can watch you exercise and give you feedback about your technique. We can even teach you how to do some "hands-on" techniques to yourself at home to help get relief.

We've received a couple 5 star review on Google in the past couple weeks from patients who we have seen only via virtual visits. We can tell you all day long what virtual visits can do for you and how great we think they are, but I think these reviews can do a much better job telling you how great they were from a patient's perspective.

"I had a knee scope/surgery in early March, just before the safer at home orders were put in place. I wanted to do physical therapy to accelerate my recovery and have worked with Brittany on two prior occasions. My only option this time around was to do virtual PT sessions and I was not sure what to expect. It actually was very easy, if not more convenient in some ways to stop work and login to my video appointment. I felt like I received the same high standard of care virtually that I have in the past when I have been in person. I would certainly recommend this and of course Brittany and Nashville Physical Therapy to others." -David G.

"10/10 recommend. Christi is awesome. I am doing tele-medicine (video) from Chattanooga and have learned more in 2 sessions than my previous local “in person” PT (3x per week for 4 weeks). I was skeptical of the distance PT at first, but blown away how easy, flexible, thorough and successful it has been. Easy for them to see my progress and show me new exercises via video. Website is easy, scheduling is easy and the video is easy to use on your phone or computer. It's like I am in their office!" -Jack B.

Did that do it? Did that change your mind? Look how powerful those words are! "Learned more in 2 sessions than my previous local in person PT (3x per week for 4 weeks)" and "I felt like I received the same high standard of care virtually that I have in the past when I have been in person." Those are both BIG statements!

If you're still not ready to leave the house during the pandemic or if you're just too busy to get away from work or the kids, schedule a virtual visit so we can be right there with you, wherever you are. Don't ignore your aches and pains or let them keep you from doing the things you want to do because you think a virtual visit won't be the same. As both of these guys found out (and wanted to share with others), they can be just as good as an in person session.

If you want to speak with a PT about what's going on with you and how a virtual visit can help, call or text us at 615-428-9213 or email

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