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Back by request for an evening class: Exercise to Prevent Knee Pain in Runners - Thursday 3/26

Our first online class is back by popular demand and requests for an evening class! It will be happening Thursday March 26 at 5:30 PM! If you’re a runner and you’ve had knee pain or want to prevent it or even if you’re not a runner but you want to prevent knee pain, this class is for you!

Max Emery, PT (our East Nashville clinic physical therapist) will take you through exercises to gain hip and ankle strength and mobility to prevent knee injuries. He’ll explain the importance of certain exercises and go through them with you. Take advantage of this class and stay healthy and fit from home. It’s only $10! Sign up through our website by clicking “schedule appointment” and scrolling down to the bottom of the page to find the class. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a Zoom invitation via email.

Spots are limited so grab yours today!

Spread the word, share the post, and tag someone below who needs to know about it!

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