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Running Isn't Just a Form of Exercise, It's a Lifestyle

We know how important running is. It’s not just exercise. It’s a lifestyle. It’s time to clear your head. It’s time to think. It’s time to get away from your desk. It’s a stress reliever. It keeps you sane. We know these things because we are runners too.

Brittany Hendrickson, PT and owner of Nashville PT (on the right) running the half marathon in Nashville a few years ago.

(If you want to hear more from Brittany about running, injuries, and physical therapy, go listen to our good friend Drew Jones' podcast Running the 615. Brittany was the guest on episode 12 on March 9, 2020.)

Max Emery, PT at our East Nashville clinic running the Tomato Art Fest 5k in East Nashville a couple years ago.

Have you been told before that running is bad for you? It's not. Have you had an injury before and a medical professional told you that you should just quit running? You shouldn't.

Running isn't bad for your knees and we know it's good for your mental health. That's why we want to make sure you don't give it up.

If pain or injuries are keeping you from your lifestyle, we want to help you. Good physical therapists shouldn’t tell you that you need to just quit your favorite activities. A good physical therapist should be able to find ways for you to modify while they help you heal and then get you back to 100%. The catch here is you have to address things early on. The longer they go on, the longer you push through, the greater risk there is of having to take a break to recover. You don’t want that, and we don’t either.

Reach out if you’re having any aches or pain with running. We want to keep you out there on the roads, the greenways, and the trails running until your heart’s content. Email us at or call/text 615-428-9213 or comment below to speak with a PT.

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